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Data-driven Energy Management Software

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Energy Management Software

Energis.Cloud increases your buildings' value and operational productivity, while enhancing your green corporate image and profitability

Data integration

No more limits in the collection of your energy data. We understand that having centralised and structured data is the first step for data-driven energy management. Therefore, we make sure that you are never blocked or slowed down due to data collection or data integration.


Energy Management without boundaries

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Most flexible Energy Management Software in Europe

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Multi-site portfolios

Collect and centralise energy data (from utility bills, meters, submeters…) and benchmark entire portfolios. Easily identify under-performing sites and priority actions that will generate savings.

ISO 50001

Facilitate the implementation of the ISO 50001 Energy Management System. Collect data automatically, follow up on the relevant energy performance indicators, set up reference situations and measure the energy savings in compliance with IPMVP guidelines.

Utility Bill Management

Extract the data (EAN meter, readings, etc.) directly from the electronic PDF or scanned PDF of the invoices and use it to benchmark & analyse multiple sites in seconds. Automatically detect mistakes in invoices by verifying the correctness of the contract conditions, the market regulations (transport, distribution, taxes) or the DSO input.

Prevention of power peaks & penalties

Monitor active power, reactive energy and CO2 emissions in real time; prevent penalties by setting up alerts & by activating remote control of equipment; analyse your consumption to optimise energy contracts.

Solar assets & self-consumption

Collect data from any inverter, sensor, datalogger & meter; identify communication issues & underperforming assets; easily calculate the financial gains even in self-consumption; visualise & report all relevant KPIs.

Detect inefficiencies immediately

Collect energy and production data from any meter and system; set energy performance indicators and monitor performance in real-time; detect inefficiencies using AI analysis, smart alerts & reports.

Indoor Air Quality & Comfort

Ensure occupants' well-being: monitor in real time CO2, humidity and temperature; set alarms to ensure that values stay within thresholds based on regulations; track the improvement of air quality in time.

Measurement & Verification (IPMVP)

Measure & Verify Savings in compliance with IPMVP: extract historical data from utility invoices for baseline creation; create IPMVP adherent energy models within the software; track & report energy, financial and CO2 savings; facilitate the follow-up of energy performance contracts and reduce their costs.

We are very happy to use Energis.Cloud. In only half a day we were trained to use it in an autonomous way and to integrate the data in the platform. It was very fast to start, and the connectors were developed in just a couple of days! We did a market study and met with competitors, and everything was going much slower!
Vincent Kowalczyk, CEO Teenconsulting
About us

We believe in the power of data for sustainability, enabled by the most efficient use of energy


Energis is a European greentech software scale-up headquartered in Belgium, with a branch in Italy, offering the most flexible Energy Management Software in the market.

Today Energis.Cloud is deployed in 10000+ sites, located in 35 countries, helping more than 1000 satisfied users achieving their goals.


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